Human Development Masterclass

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Overview & Participant Icebreaker

Mallory Loone, Co-Founder – Work Inspires

How Does Becoming a HD Leader Impact the Career of HR Professionals – Paradigm Change, ASEAN Scope, Cross-Sector Leadership

  • Case Study: Cross-sector careers and career change
  • Participant exercise with group coaching from AHDO leaders: Career content as HR and HD for each area
  • Participant sharing

Nadiah Tan Abdullah, CHRO | AHDO Chair 2024 – S P Setia

Morning Tea Break

Building a HD Organisation – Benefits for Companies, Stakeholder Impact, Business Opportunities, and ROI

  • Sharing from award-winning HD leaders
  • Advantages of shifting from HR / HC to HD for people, profits and planets

Fong Tuan Chen, Senior Executive Vice President, Group Human Capital – Maybank
Daniel O’Connor, Chief People Officer – ALBA Group Asia

Mental Health and Well-being in the ASEAN Workplace – Research Findings and Company Best Practices

Dr. Bob Aubrey, Founder & Chair of the Advisory Board – AHDO
Dr. Oliver Suendermann, Vice President, Clinical – Intellect


ASEAN Organizational Challenges, Human and Organizational Development in Diverse Economies

  • Singapore’s challenges beyond human capital
  • Timor-Leste human development strategy
  • Malaysia beyond the middle-income trap
  • Indonesia taking the world stage
  • Myanmar rebuilding an open and competitive workplace

Renee Tan, Director of Research – Institute of Adult Learning (IAL)
Yeni Pereira, National Advisor for the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs – Timor-Leste
Pwint Han, Group Chief People Officer – City Holdings

Future of Work in ASEAN: Participant Visioning and Sharing

  • Work in ASEAN 2050
  • Social trends and changes at work affecting individuals and organisations
  • Human development responsibility for the planet – ASEAN potential and threats

Prof. Dr. Virgel Binghay, Professor & Co-Founding Member of AHDO – University of the Philippines
Prof. Oliver Crocco, Assistant Professor of Leadership & HR Development| Author of Developing Human Resources in Southeast Asia – Louisiana State University
Dr. Fermin Diez, Senior Consultant – National Council of Social Service (NCSS)
Mallory Loone, Co-Founder – Work Inspires
Wulan Anggraeni, People & Culture Manager – Indonesia – ALBA Group Asia

The Future of Human Development in ASEAN

Dr. Bob Aubrey, Founder & Chair of the Advisory Board – AHDO

Close of AHDO Masterclass