Work Reimagined

With organisations relooking at how they operate and collaborate in the era of hybrid and remote working, this theatre examines key strategies that will drive sustainable growth and workplace transformation. It will also deep dive into how new age technologies are reshaping work and how organisations can harness AI, automation and data analytics to enhance employee engagement and operational efficiencies.

Track Schedule

Day 1 (April 24)


Opening Remarks

Catherine Wong, Managing Director – HRM Asia


OPENING KEYNOTEA Regulator’s Perspective on Global Human Capital Trends, Outlook and Technology’s Impact

  • Effects of global human capital policy, regulatory and enforcement developments on all HR aspects
  • Advice on HR regulation and compliance amidst trends in employee activism and discrimination
  • Promises and perils of deploying and using AI-driven technologies in HR and the workplace

Keith Sonderling, Commissioner – U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

LEADERSHIP PANELThe Future of Work: Value Creation through Innovative HR Strategies and Technologies

  • Resetting for relevance: Redesigning work, working and workplaces to scale performance
  • HR transformation and people dynamics – How, when and what to prioritise?
  • Boosting digital HR and moving from market hype to strategic investments

Aslam Sardar, Chief Executive Officer – Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP)
Aileen Tan, Group Chief People & Sustainability Officer – Singtel
Akarin Phureesitr, Chief People Officer – Central Pattana

Morning Tea Break

CASE STUDYSteering HR Transformation to Elevate Work and Deliver on Business Imperatives

  • Adapting to new work paradigms and holistic technology adoption
  • Navigating process innovation and data-driven insights for competitive advantage
  • Effective strategies and synergies for HR and EX to enhance business value

Melinda McKinley, Global Head, HR Strategy & Digital Transformation – Standard Chartered Bank

PANEL Future Proofing your Workforce and Enhancing Business Resiliency in the Age of AI

  • Prioritising workforce upskilling and reskilling in bridging the skills gap and digital divide
  • Supporting people development and change management with new age tools
  • Ensuring business sustainability with a skills-based talent model and agile work design

May-Ann Lim, Director, Data Governance | Executive Director – Access Partnership | Asia Cloud Computing Association

Dean Tong, Managing Director, Head of Group HR – UOB
Melissa Kee, Chief People Officer – Temus
Terence Chia, Assistant Chief Executive Officer, Corporate Group | Cluster Director, Human Capital, Digital Industry & Talent Group – Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)
Toi Chia Tan, Chief of People, Organisation & Communications – StarHub

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Chairman’s Welcome Remarks



Transforming the Top Workplace Trends into Impactful and Actionable HR Strategies

  • Insights into technology, economic and societal factors that affect the state of organisations
  • How will emerging trends impact technology and HR strategies to drive business transformation?
  • Translating the latest in technology and workplace trends into action plans for success

Steve Boese, President & Co-Founder – H3 HR Advisors

Shifting Gears: Inspiring a New Era of Collaborative and Agile Workplaces

  • Incorporating the right mix of retrofits and digital integration
  • Investing in critical technologies to advance employee accessibility and enablement
  • Supercharging your workforce with the right blend of technology, operations and culture

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Effective Workforce Optimisation and Performance Management for the Hybrid World of Work

  • Benefits of a data-driven approach to strategic, operational and tactical workforce planning
  • The role of technology in boosting employee morale and productivity in hybrid work operations
  • Future proofing workforce strategies for informed resourcing decisions and organisational efficiency

Swasono Satyo, CHRO – Sinar Mas Mining

Afternoon Tea Break


Empowering Business Growth through Intelligent Productivity

  • Ensuring the relevancy of your people strategy in the digital world of work
  • How can organisations get more done without adding on hires and costs?
  • Keeping employees engaged through digital initiatives and delivering measurable ROI

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Complementing Human Capabilities and Augmenting Workflow Automation with Progressive AI

  • Prioritising skills enhancement and mastery in the age of talent mobility and career growth
  • Operationalising responsible AI and ethical governance to build trust in the workplace
  • Harnessing the power of AI and digital inclusivity to advance business and people goals

Eileen Nah, Managing Director & Head, Future Smart & Leadership – OCBC Bank

Closing Remarks & End of Day One

Day 2 (April 25)

Chairman’s Recap


KEYNOTERewriting the HR Rulebook: Meaningful Work and Employee Experience Redefined

  • Keeping your workforce invested: Revolutionising work cultures and promoting DEI initiatives
  • Accelerating digitalisation efforts and upscaling people-centric business operations
  • Respond to new baselines, expectations and priorities in today’s workplaces

Enhancing Employee Engagement and Workforce Mobility with Unified Digital Technologies

  • Powering workplace connectivity, communication and collaboration in the digital age
  • Going video-first: Adopting cloud-based collaboration and conferencing tools to facilitate work
  • Evolving workplace tech stack and apps to support a blended and connected workforce

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Morning Tea Break


The Age of Flex: Success Metrics of Workforce Inclusivity and Empowerment

  • Designing hybrid and remote work models that align with business and customer requirements
  • Modernising infrastructure and refining communication practices to support flexi-work
  • Creating an environment of trust, feedback and empowerment where teams can thrive and focus on outcomes

Evelyn Stier, Global Head of IT Business Consulting & Digitalisation – Siemens

Bridging the Gaps between Competing Workforce Realities and Business Priorities

  • Connecting the ‘how’ and ‘where’ of work to the ‘why’ of work
  • Mitigating risks of a mobile workforce and the factors influencing productivity, culture and trust
  • Re-energising your workforce strategy and adaptability for future wins and change

Senior representative from Jobstreet

PANELThe Ins, Outs and Best Practices to Remodelling People and Workplace Strategies

  • How to successfully evolve workforce development and workplace transformation programs
  • Streamlining workplace IT and service delivery to simplify and harmonise work dynamics
  • Future challenges and new roadmaps for work, digitisation and employee experience


Sushil Kumar, Senior Director, Real Estate & Workplace – Asia Pacific – VMWare
Alexander Boe, Head of People & Operations – Telenor Asia
Sharon Pock, People, Culture & Workplace Global Director – Voyager Worldwide

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Investing in and Improving Employee Vitality

  • Vitality as a measure of well-being and the business imperative of boosting vitality levels
  • Latest workplace trends: What employees want and how employers can help
  • Tailoring wellness programs to the needs and goals of your organisation and employees

Larisa Beckhouse Okeke, Chief Marketing Officer – Singapore & Hong Kong | Global Head of Research & Insights, International Health – Cigna Healthcare

PANELDriving Cohesive Employee Journeys amidst Digital Disruption and Change Management

  • Identifying value drivers to improving and personalising digital workplace experiences
  • Implementing HCM solutions to effectively manage the employee lifecycle and continuum of needs
  • Getting visibility into data and metrics to co-create and elevate employee experience

Paul Chua, Group Head of People Technology & Analytics – Jardine Matheson
Lye Yee Poon, Vice President, Head of People Technology – Temasek

Afternoon Tea Break


Similar but Different: Managing and Adapting to Millennials and Gen-Z at Work

  • What makes millennials and Gen-Z tick and how best to attract and retain them?
  • Fostering collaboration in a multi-generational workforce and setting them up for success
  • Forming an employee-led workforce community to drive engagement, feedback and buy-in

Senior representative from GoTo

Envisioning the Future of Gig Economy and On-Demand Work Culture at Play

  • Maintaining a coherent organisational culture in the gig economy
  • Rethinking contingent workforce deployment to address skills shortage and talent bottlenecks
  • Having a conducive ecosystem to create better career, growth and financial opportunities

Closing Remarks & End of Conference